Product Description

This high-power device is used by law enforcement and the military services. Police arm their crowd control squads and entry teams with it. The Man Pack Backpack signal blocker stops communications up to 150 meters away.

Unequaled effectiveness for on-the-move jamming solutions. One of the most durable jamming devices found anywhere.

This is a custom designed unit that can be configured to the purchaser’s exact specifications. Blocks all cell phone frequencies. Optional coverage is available for Satellite phones, WiFi and Bluetooth devices. You decide which options suit your needs.

60W of total output power. One full charge gives you 3 hours of continuous use.

This unit is custom built for you, so final price is dependent on any additional options you select. Requires a 7 business day lead time.

Dimensions: 28 x 38 x 12 cm


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For a more updated version, please see our TSJ-ManPackHP .



* Does not qualify for free shipping

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